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Organic Blend, Heritage

Organic Blend, Heritage

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The blend is made up of an organic, shade-grown, natural processed coffee from Colombia and a washed coffee from Nicaragua, and its unique taste profile of cherry, pecan, and honey is a testament to the rich and diverse coffee cultures of these regions.

Roast Level

Medium - Dark

Tasting Notes
  • cherry, 

  • honey, 

  • pecan


Washed, Natural Blends - Certified Organic

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From our Founders

Trevor & Ryan

Colombia, Nicaragua

The Heritage blend is inspired by the early adventures and travels of its founders, Trevor and Ryan, before starting the company. Trevor stayed in a rustic cabin in the foothills near Playa Colorados in Nicaragua, where he surfed, ate delicious food, and enjoyed the simple life.

Similarly, Ryan visited Colombia and was struck by its natural beauty. He explored the country by hiking the mountains around Medellín and surfing the Caribbean coast, savoring the local cuisine along the way. These experiences have influenced the creation of the "Heritage" blend, which is a combination of the two origins they visited, reflecting the spirit of their travels and adventures.

  • Colombia, Nicaragua



    2343•N, 48902•E


    A beautiful blend with a washed Nicaraguan coffee and a Natural Colombian.

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We wanted to create a blend that represented the origin of Bump Coffee so we developed the Heritage Blend which consists of two beautiful coffees, one from Colombia and one from Nicaragua.

- Trevor and Ryan

Frequently Asked Questions


If stored properly, whole coffee beans can last for several months, if not longer. To extend the shelf life of your beans, it is important to store them in an airtight container, away from light and heat, and in a cool, dry place. It is also a good idea to keep the beans in the whole bean form until you are ready to use them, and to grind the beans just before brewing for the best flavor and aroma.


While single origin coffee is a unique representation of the natural environment and terroir from where it is grown, a blend is a unique colloboration between nature and our founders. Each blend is uniquely curated based on our founders adventures, life experiences, and palettes. You won't find these anywhere else and they are exclusive to BUMP.

Should I grind my own beans?

If you don't who will? Swing by a shop and we'll be happy to grind them for ya. If at home, we suggest grabbing a grinder from the coffee gear section on the site if you don't have one. Grinding to order ensures that you can enjoy your coffee at it's peak freshness.