We believe in doing more with less.

We get our coffee from farms that focus on connection with nature and preservation of the land and water ecosystems. While we love traveling and all the adventures that come with it, we're also here because of our love for hospitality and belief that each cup can change someone's day for the better.

Cardiff by the Sea

In February 2018, we transitioned from the hard grind of local farmers markets to open our first brick-and-mortar coffee shop, a pivotal moment that symbolized years of dedication and resilience. The shop quickly became a community favorite, carrying forward the relationships and craftsmanship we'd honed at the markets. Every day we open our doors, we're reminded of our journey—from unpredictable market days to a stable gathering spot for both old and new faces, continuing to serve high-quality coffee with an enduring sense of gratitude.


Opened in February 2022, our second shop materialized in the vibrant community of Leucadia, a location we had long envisioned as the perfect spot for expansion. When the stars finally aligned, we seized the opportunity and haven't looked back since. This new shop has been a thrilling experience, allowing us to bring our unique blend of quality coffee and community spirit to a different part of town. It's been an absolute blast serving Leucadia's groovy residents and joining in the local mantra to #keepleucadiafunky.

Carlsbad - Roastery

Our roasting facility represents yet another pivotal chapter in our journey. After moving from one space to another to accommodate our growth, we've settled into our current location with a sense of cautious optimism. While we hope this space serves us well for a considerable time, we're equally excited by the prospect of further expansion, embracing the uncertainty as a sign of opportunities yet to come.

*not open to the public.